Ixcoin is an internet exchange coins which is a peer to peer decentralised cryptocurrency. Ixcoin was established in the year 2011, which was built with the help of the bitcoin platform. It was set in a fork which with the help of inflation rate can allow one to have the right 21 million total limits. Ixcoin was intended to have a closely monitored mirror which will allow you to have secure interoperability which will allow you to have the right bitcoin-related services. Ixcoin is only the second oldest altcoin which was launched after Namecoin. Ixcoin is essentially a clone of Bitcoin which is identical when it comes to existence, maturity and fully distributed existence. Ixcoin allows you to have a low-cost peer to peer network which has an irreversible, high scalable transactions at very low cost. Also, as bitcoin, the IXC has an open-source, which is a decentralised currency.

How Ixcoin differs from Bitcoin

Although the Ixcoin is mined with bitcoin, there are certain differences between them which have allowed people to opt for the Ixcoin like

Shorter Maturity Period:

This is one of the main reason Ixcoin gained popularity when it was generated in the year of 2014. The mining for Ixcoins relies on the transaction fee, and when it reaches its maturity, it can be used which is held as time as bitcoin.

New Blockchain:

Although Ixcoins share the same transaction formats, they have a very different genesis block and also follow a different reward scheme. Bitcoin will allow you to have a valid transaction which can allow you to have the right Ixcoin transaction.

Different key format:

Another place where bitcoin and Ixcoin differ is due to the Wallet public keys where the Ixcoin wallet key starts with an ‘X’ AND Bitcoin starts with ‘1’.

Merger Mining:

Ixcoin implemented merge can allow you to get the right mining merger. A bitcoin mining is to have you create a blockchain which will allow you to create one at the same time. The benefits at every hash provide the right contribution, which can allow you to have the right hash rates in all of the currencies. This has allowed the results to be much more secure in this nature.

Can One use bitcoin with Ixcoin

Moving your systems wallet from one to another is quite easy, which can allow you to use bitcoin cryptocurrencies into Ixcoin. Alternatively, you can use the command ‘-Conf=’ which will enable you to customise it when needed. Most bitcoin clients have clones which will allow you to mirror the need for modification to use Ixcoin. As the Ixcoin has a changing operation with the port being 8337, which can alter the verification code of when you are trying to address generation algorithms.

Can Bitcoin be used as Ixcoin?

Bitcoin although share the same relationship to Ixcoin as other currency but it will not be possible to get the right returns or exchanges when converting them into the valid Ixcoins which allows for their exchanger services. Also, the address and keypairs of the bitcoin will not be recognised as Ixcoin blockchain, which not be proved valid in bitcoin.