ATOM Token

An Introduction to ATOM Token

ATOM is a decentralised network free from blockchains, All In Bits Inc its creator wanted to establish a foundation that the next generation of internet technology could use. ATOM is trying to build a bridge where the differences and being mend and everything is being connected together from interoperability, currency exchanges and Internet of Blockchains (IoB). The team of ATOM essential uses two components the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol and Tendermint Core to help form the Cosmos Network where ATOM is used as the proprietary stalking coins.

Tendermint Core

Tendermint is the open-source base layer which acts like a blockchain development platform. It is a BFT compatible consensus which is modelled to help people integrate their own decentralised distributed network which uses a blockchain in a box implementation.

Tendermint Core

Inter- Blockchain Communications

Inter- Blockchain communications is a process which will allow you an interconnectivity level which helps you with the right communication among all the chains. This is one method which will allow you to create a series of interconnected zones and hubs which acts independently of a common system. There is also a layer of zones and hubs gives you easy access to digital assets across the chains.

Cosmos can be used integrating the verification hubs allowing this to be working fluently and running together. These verification hubs as the name suggest helps you validate the Tendermint transactions. This is one of the best ways to help gain the right traction, which funds in the form of Paradigm and Bain Capital. According to a report by the London based KR1 reports that Cosmos is one of the most successful investments allowing people to buy $360,605 off on a $7000 buy.

With the main net launched on March 14, 2019, it has become of the strongest projects which can be used to get the right access to the problems. Although, with the recent vulnerability attack, the vision of the global economy running on cryptocurrency remains that same. The exploration of the ATOM has taken the cryptocurrency token to the cosmos network.

ATOM Token

It is estimated that over $40 million worth of Atom is traded on a daily basis and its peak prize on estimated to be $8.31 as of March. Cosmos has a total supply of 237,928,231 ATOM. As of April 6, 2019, the Cosmos ICO has raised around $17.3 million worth of token supply where around 5% was withheld for seed investors, and another 10% was held by the All In Bits investors and the Interchain Foundation.

ATOM is not like any other cryptocurrency; it is not mined but earned with the help of Pos Algorithm, the more you become a validator, the more the transaction can help you earn token and delegate them to the portion of your rewards. ATOM is accepted on a wide variety of crypto exchanges which includes Binance, BitForex, Huobi Global, Dcoin, Kraken, etc.

In conclusion

Cosmos is a layered network which allows you to gain tokens and data between the blockchains, which also operated independently. These Cosmos can be validated by earning ATOM, which is the native currency used in the Cosmos Network. Cosmos is well-built machines which will allow you to improve the modern blockchain market.

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