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How to Trade Cryptos in 2020

This new year marks the start of a decade that has set in the life-changing environmental crises and technological marvels. 2019 did pass by with several innovations plunging into the bustling zone of technology. Various cryptocurrencies witnessed immense growth in the past years, among which Bitcoin has remained to be the most popular one. Being the pioneer, it comes as no surprise that Bitcoin has garnered a large number of users over the years. If you are new to these platforms, falling into the pattern would be challenging. The very first step you need to take is to open a search engine and browse through various sites to learn details of the digital transaction marvel.

When you are seriously considering investments in cryptocurrency after a brief understanding of the concept, you will need to go through the basics of the trading platforms and the steps to be followed. Do not completely rely on a person’s review; check through plenty of reviews to narrow down to your final choice. Here are a few facts about the market and the nature of the digital currency to be kept in mind before investing.

Working of Cryptocurrency

Decentralization is the unique feature of cryptocurrency which makes users login to these platforms. Ownership of cryptocurrencies is spread among several parties all over the world by allowing for the control to be diversified. Mining is used in mechanizing the entire process of transactions using cryptocurrency, which is also known as the consensus mechanism of proof of work.


Trading of Cryptocurrency

There are different methods to trade cryptocurrency in this day and age where technology has travelled ahead of time. Scalping is one form of trading where you need to leverage every small opportunity to rake in significant profits from the trade, unlike the other trades that create trivial numbers from the process that lasts for hours or days.

Momentum and mean reversion trading options are similar in a way but have their own unique features. The similarity lies in their inclination towards the current price of every cryptocurrency, while the difference lies in the factor of optimism. Momentum trading works in such a way that it builds hope for the price’s trend, whether it shoots up or down. A constant growth or drop is expected of the assets in this trading system with continuous strides being the core of the momentum. Mean reversion is the trading style where the trend is considered to take a tour back to the previous state. Both these strategies can be used for the foundation of complicated strategies or also individually for simpler transactions.


Bot trading is one of the most advanced methods where you only need to assign trading tasks to a bot. The difference here is that the bot will follow the instructions of the algorithms and act accordingly, unlike how humans think. Strategies would function better with the human mind having infinite ideas running, but the practical and profitable moves would be the ones made by a bot.

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